“I met with Dr. Beauchamp and he operated on my right shoulder. I told him that another doctor who had diagnosed my shoulder said it was wrecked. He replied that there was a difference between wrecked and worn out. I’ve started playing golf again, and in September, I’m going to start curling again, too. If you read this comment, I would tell you to trust him because he gave me back a quality of life that I thought I’d lost.” – M.M.

“I had my surgery two weeks ago, and I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would really like to thank Dr. Beauchamp and his team. Dr. Marc Beauchamp’s attitude, professionalism, experience, and expertise really put me at ease.” – R.B.

“From the very beginning, Dr. Beauchamp was approachable, reassuring, and listened to what I had to say. Now I’m recovering for the next several months and I know I made the right decision to have Dr. Beauchamp operate to repair my rotator cuff. Thank you Dr. Marc Beauchamp and your team.” – R.B.

“All of the specialists I met with in the US suggested different techniques, saying that we could always operate again if they didn’t work. I never trusted them. They would only do general anesthesia and wanted to charge four times as much as Dr. Beauchamp.” – L.H.

“I would like to thank my lucky stars that I was able to find you on Google after a negative initial consultation in the public system. I’m glad I followed my gut and decided to put myself in your hands to repair my right shoulder. A very grateful patient, – R.V.”

“Hello. I’m 70 years old and a retiree. I was on the list for a shoulder replacement at a public hospital and I decided to get a second opinion. I heard about Dr. Marc Beauchamp by word of mouth and saw him for a consultation. Two weeks later, I underwent rotator cuff surgery and didn’t need to have my shoulder replaced. What a great investment. Now, after two and a half months, I’m starting to exercise again and I’m sure I’ll be able to play golf in three and a half months!” – Y.S.

“Skilled, professional, respectful, available, explains things well, reassuring, friendly and attentive team. Thank you very much, Dr. Beauchamp.” – B.L.

“You can tell that he is passionate about his work and tries to make sure that everything goes well. He told my partner that his shoulder would be fully healed after 9 to 12 months. His shoulder is already completely healed, and it’s only been 6 months. It’s like his shoulder tendon was never torn. He’s a really amazing doctor. Thank you, Dr. Beauchamp.” – D.P.

“I would like to thank you for the excellent, friendly, and professional service I received from you and your team, all in a pleasant and welcoming setting.” – R.V.

“It has already been a year since I found out that I was going to become a grandmother to a beautiful grandson, and my biggest worry was that I wouldn’t be able to hug him. I had surgery at the end of October 2017 and I was able to pick him up the same year at Christmastime. I’ve realized that time is flying by. He just turned one, and I’ve completely healed and am very active again. Not only is Dr. Beauchamp a very professional surgeon, I felt that he was also a very understanding and compassionate person. I recommend him without hesitation.” – L.H.

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