Have you spent countless hours browsing websites to learn how to treat elbow bursitis naturally? Although there are methods to get rid of elbow bursitis naturally, this is unfortunately not a viable solution for everyone.

At Dr. Marc Beauchamp’s clinic, we understand that the pain can quickly become hard to bear. Discover our solutions for curing elbow bursitis to regain your comfort as soon as possible.

What is elbow bursitis?

Hygroma is a musculoskeletal condition of the elbow. It is a type of bursitis of the olecranon. This is the bony protuberance that forms part of the ulna in the elbow. This is the point you see when you bend your elbow.

Bursitis due to hygroma

A case of bursitis is the increase in the fluids contained in the bursa. The bursa is a thin sac that usually contains a bit of fluid, but which can become inflamed, infected, and swollen, resulting in a hygroma on the elbow. When this bursa swells, the presence of a “lump” on the elbow can be observed, which is sometimes painless but often very uncomfortable.

The causes of bursitis

Trauma to the elbow is the main cause of the development of bursitis. In addition to trauma, people who drive a lot (such as truckers) or who often lean on their elbows for a long period of time are at risk of developing bursitis.

How to treat fluid in the elbow: the associated symptoms

The swelling of the olecranon bursa is the first symptom of elbow bursitis. It usually develops gradually, but it’s possible for it to appear suddenly. The lump on your elbow may be small, but it can also become the size of a golf ball and lead to elbow pain if ignored. 

Possible consequences if left untreated

Most people suffering from olecranon bursitis seek medical attention quickly due to concern about the swelling. Although it is often painless, bursitis can become infected.

In this case, your elbow will be red, hot, and swollen. If this is the case, it’s best not to wait, because the infection could spread into the arm and become dangerous.

Non-surgical elbow bursitis treatments

If your elbow isn’t red and inflamed, it’s possible to follow non-surgical treatments to get rid of the bursitis. Here’s how to treat elbow bursitis naturally:

  • Using bandages is one method to get rid of bursitis with a homeopathic treatment. While pressure on the olecranon created the bursitis, it also helps reduce swelling.
  • Taking oral anti-inflammatories also works. To treat elbow bursitis, don’t hesitate to take acetaminophen if it is causing you discomfort.
  • You can also contact your doctor to take care of it by draining the fluid in your elbow.

Surgical elbow bursitis treatments

Elbow bursitis can usually be treated without surgery. Taking anti-inflammatories and draining the fluids with suction are the most effective methods.

However, it’s possible that a surgical treatment may be necessary. This is a surgery to remove the bursa from the elbow if the infection doesn’t clear up. The doctor may also install a drain. It will be removed when the amount of fluid building up in the elbow is minimal.

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