Treatment of a person who is injured at work by a private orthopedic surgeon.

Your employee has injured himself and is unable to find a doctor to provide appropriate treatment? The result: pointless months of waiting, an increased risk of permanent damage and financial costs amounting to several tens of thousands of dollars for the employer or his insurer. Neither you nor your employee have to passively endure the disastrous consequences of the slow pace of the public system. There is an alternative: private orthopedic treatment. And it is completely legal. A consultation can be scheduled and surgery performed within a few weeks and the employee can start rehabilitation without delay. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4:

  1. The injured person is followed by his general practitioner and an MRI or ultrasound result is obtained (usually from a private radiology clinic) suggesting a referral to an orthopedic surgeon for possible surgery.

2. The human resources manager at the health or disability management office contacts our office (tel.: (514) 509-2000, fax: (514) 509-2015, toll free: 1-866-505-2016, email: to confirm the relevance of prompt management of the injury in orthopedic surgery.

3. Consultation with Dr. Beauchamp is scheduled for the following week to have the diagnosis and indication for surgery confirmed. The patient, the attending physician and the employer’s or insurer’s representative receive the result the same week (with the patient’s consent). A quote is sent to the third-party payer.

4. If the decision is made to proceed with surgery, the surgery is performed (subject to the patient’s full consent) one or two weeks later. Dr. Beauchamp then provides post-surgical follow-up, often in collaboration with the general practitioner, until consolidation.

In the last fifteen years, most large Quebec corporations, as well as many insurance companies and SMEs, have used our services. We have helped hundreds of people return to work more rapidly, improve their quality of life and maintain their health. Numerous testimonies have confirmed that our attention to these people’s well-being usually translated into a feeling of gratitude on the part of the employee toward his employer. Win-win!