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Private orthopedic surgery clinic, Montreal, Canada Shoulder and elbow surgery, arthroscopy
Private orthopedic surgery Montreal, Canada


1. Do I need a referral from a doctor?

Not necessarily. If you already have a diagnosis (proven by ultrasound or MRI, for example, or suggested by an experienced physiotherapist) and are at the stage where you are wondering whether surgery will be necessary, you can contact us.

2. Do you treat emergencies, fractures?

No. You have to go to a hospital for fracture treatment or follow-up.

3. How much does private surgery cost?

It depends on the complexity of the intervention and the cost of the instruments and implants required. Each case is assessed by Dr. Beauchamp during the initial consultation.

Our front desk staff will be able to give you information when you make your appointment. It should be noted that personal expenditure for medical costs is partly tax deductible. Lastly, your private insurer (or the CSST) may cover some of the costs. It is always a good idea to check with your agent.

4. Do you offer financing or a deferred payment plan?

No. However, a number of our patients take out short-term loans at attractive rates from their banking institution or credit union (products specifically designed for private surgery are usually available).

5. Do you do artificial joint replacement surgery?

Yes, but only for the shoulder. This type of surgery usually requires a short stay (several days) in hospital.

6. Do you do "second opinion" reports or consultations?

For the moment, no. Our goal is to provide surgical treatment of an international standard as quickly as possible to people who need it. The demand for reports or "second opinions" is so high that if we were to provide this service, we would no longer be able to manage surgery cases promptly.

7. For patients who do not live near Montreal or in the province of Quebec, can the consultation and the surgery be scheduled for the same week?

If you send us a radiology report by fax or email that strongly suggests that surgery is indicated, we can schedule a medical consultation with Dr. Beauchamp (to confirm that surgery is indicated) and the surgery will be performed the next day. The consultation is usually held on the Wednesday and the surgery on the Thursday. Patients who travel by air usually return home on the Friday. It is important to make sure that your overall medical condition allows for surgery at a private clinic (i.e., that your general practitioner has agreed to the surgery, and that recent laboratory tests, including an ECG, have been performed). Our office staff can help you with your travel and hotel accommodation arrangements and will give you the names of our usual partners and any medical information you will need before you open your file with us.

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